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Gourmet Consulting Group S.A.

Gourmet Consulting Group Inc. is a company established in 2009 in Panama , Republic of Panama, We are a gastronomic consultancy group operating at International level . Among the services offered are all related to the field of  Gastronomy , Hospitality and Tourism Industry . One of the specialties is the Culinary tourism sector , serving as a facilitator in the organization and development of gastronomic travel worldwide. Gourmet Consulting Group Inc. also develops Market Research Projects , Brand Development and Public Relations. Major customers include Restaurants that are interesandos to increase business profitability directly through modern and contemporary techniques of management and administration as well as training and development of  human resources .

Some of the specific services offered by Gourmet Consulting Group SA are ;

Feasibility studies
Design of menus
Product Development , branding
Market Research
Public Relations Strategies
Development of educational experiences for employee training
Team Building Activities
Specialized Organization of Culinary Travel to Peru and Argentina .